Behind the Camera

I remember it like yesterday … almost 15 years ago.   My mom bought a shiny new Sony Mavica camera — It had a huge digital display on the back and a nifty cd-rom to record images and videos.  I loved it as my own and carried it around constantly!  And I smashed it as my own with a particularly brutal fall trying to snow ski down Cupp Run one day at Snowshoe.

It didn’t matter, I was already smitten with taking pictures of everything!

Somewhere along the way, I realized that in addition to achieving “the perfect portrait,” I loved capturing those perfect–silly–lovey-dovey–beautiful moments in time.

As I look back at my photos through the years – wow, technically they are not very good.  But you know what – they still evoke such strong emotions – they bring back songs, and giggles, and smells, and warmth…and sometimes they even evoke pangs of sickness or pain, and that is okay too.

Through the years, I have become more selective in what I take photos of, and hopefully I have become more technically efficient, but a few things have not changed.  As alway, I:

  • Desire to create beautiful images
  • Strive for perfection in capturing and editing each and every photo
  • Try to preserve memories of this moment in time – images that can be looked back on and remembered with fondness.

Contact me for session rates or for more information about booking a session!


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